Our senior staff are seasoned former local distribution company (LDC) engineering and operations executives with over 150 years of utility experience


Stephen Costello

President & Founder

Over 27 years of engineering and operations experience

Areas of expertise:

  • Stations design & construction <230 kV;
  • SCADA systems;
  • Protection and control;
  • Distributed generation – CIAs, protection, SCADA;
  • Distribution automation – protection, control, communications;
  • Power Systems Analysis; and
  • Asset Management.

Ron LaPier

P.Eng, VP Engineering


Over 25 years of utility and consulting experience

Areas of expertise:

  • Overhead and underground electrical distribution engineering;
  • Electrical substation design;
  • Project management; and
  • General Electrical Safety

Additional Staff

• Distribution engineers / EITs
• Protection and control technologists
• Drafting/technicians
• Project managers
• Designers
• Clerical/administrative
• Technical writers
Currently hiring new positions