Utility Services

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Costello Utility Consultants provides a full suite of services to electricity distributors, generators, and large consumers in Ontario, Canada. Some of our most requested services include:

Asset Assessment and Management | Construction Management | Distribution Engineering |
Municipal Substations | Municipal Transformer Stations | SCADA and Distribution Automation |
Utility Voice and Data Wireless Communication

Asset Assessment and Management

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Utilities are under growing pressure to demonstrate that they are proactively assessing and managing their assets. We assist Ontario utilities with their:

• Asset Condition Assessments (ACA);
• Asset Management Plans (AMP); and
• Distribution System Plans (DSP)

to support short- and long-term planning strategies, and to support the OEB Chapter 5 filing requirements.

Along with our clients, we develop priorities for assessing substations, overhead and underground power systems, as well as associated support systems such as GIS, SCADA, and asset management applications. Asset management plans are created to prioritize programs to maintain and replace assets, and to improve reliability. Both the ACA and the AMP are supporting documents to the DSP, which is part of the OEB Chapter 5 filing. The DSP combines the asset management strategies with the capital expenditures for the plan period, the service reliability indicators, third party coordination, and renewable energy generation considerations. We’ll help you write these reports for your Cost of Service filing.

Distribution Engineering

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We collaborate with our customers to meet ESA Reg. 22/04 and CSA 22.3 No. 1.

Our services include:
• designs for highway and railway crossings;
• underground residential subdivisions;
• overhead pole line distribution designs;
• third party attachments; and
• non-linear structural analyses.

Municipal Substations

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We assist utilities with the planning, budgeting, engineering, construction, and commissioning of new municipal substations. Our designs have been used in the recent construction of several 44kV substations, ranging in size from 5 – 20 MVA.

Our understanding of substation design, protection and control, SCADA, and distribution automation ensure that the new substations are safe, reliable, and smart grid-ready, and will provide 40 years of service.

Construction Management

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We understand the need to complete projects on time and on budget, maintaining the highest safety standards. Our associates have extensive project and construction management experience, and are trained in the requirements of the OHSA and Construction Regulations of Ontario.

Municipal Transformer Stations

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When faced with transformer stations nearing rated capacity, more and more distribution utilities are building their own municipal transformer stations (MTS) in order to meet their growing load requirements.

Our job is to:
• help utilities analyze the need for additional capacity;
• work with the transmitter to explore options;
• assist in the negotiation of supply contracts;
• develop budgets for the MTS; and
• do cost-benefit analysis to lead to a decision for how to provide new capacity.

Should the client opt for building a new station, we can then help the utility to coordinate all the engineering and construction aspects of the project, and act as the owners’ independent consultant in managing the project to ensure that the project is on time, on budget, and is completely safely.

SCADA and Distribution Automation

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We have specified, procured, programmed, and commissioned numerous SCADA systems for Ontario municipal utilities. We have also coordinated the interconnection of several muni-SCADA systems with Hydro One and the IESO through ICCP protocol. We have hands-on experience in programming, communications, hardware, and IED integration.

Voice and Wireless Communication

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We assist utilities in the design, construction, configuration, and troubleshooting of their wireless voice and data networks that are used for operational support. Voice communication has become indispensable to field personnel for safety and reliability reasons. Voice networks must have necessary range, and tower sites must be secure and have backup power supplies. Wireless data networks are being used for SCADA and distribution automation, as well as for mobile data applications such as field GIS, dispatching, work order management, AVL, email, and records access. Data networks must be secure and in some cases meet federal standards for IT security.

Costello Customized Training

Working with our customers, we develop and deliver custom technical training. We specialize in the creation of custom technical training videos that become property of the client, and can be delivered on demand.

Developed courses include:
• SCADA integration;
• Distribution protection and coordination;
• Protective relaying in distribution systems; and
• Work protection compliance.